Curtis Richardson

Constituency #22 - Paget East

I am also a new candidate and will serve my country with all of the will that has been placed within me.  I look forward to being a part of the solution to lift the stigma that has been cast upon the Progressive Labour Party.

We have collectively listened.  We have learned.

For those family and friends who have been there your encouragement is appreciated and I will do you proud.  I will work hard and continue to knock on doors and offer my empathy to those in need of a listening ear and press forward with the actions for those who need their concerns and fulfilled.

The choice to become active was not a hard one.  I have always followed the PLP platforms and supported them.  Once I heard the Reply to the Throne Speech of most recent and embraced the summary of the Vision 2025 I knew that it was time for me to act.  I tussled with the plan to present my voice for eight months before I made it official.

Canvassing comes naturally to me and I will canvass anywhere within these shores to gather the peoples voices.  No boundary is too far from my reach.  A true election is won on the doorsteps and the PLP is well aware of this.

Vision 2025 speaks directly and with clarity to the country.  We have a grass roots approach to solving the problems that we face and they have been laid out exceptionally well, and will be accomplished. 

Among other pressing issues, higher learning is a staple of my being.  There was once a day when the most prominent goal was to travel abroad to get a degree in any chosen field and one just could not wait until graduation to return to Bermuda to give back to their beloved country and serve its people.  This was the most popular goal of my generation of education seekers.  However, in the current environment, too many are returning home and having to settle for jobs in other fields or having to search for months or even years to acquire a job.     This must change.

Additionally, the public education platform has fallen in some ways and is in need of revitalization.  It is not too late for us to save this vital resource.  It will take this group of competent individuals to achieve this goal.  The PLP are committed to education reform and will commence with this upon forming the next government.  I am confident in the team assembled for this general election that we will achieve our stated goals.

I am encouraged and honored to be part of this team that is committed to putting Bermudians first.  I hope the residents of Paget West will support me on this journey.  On July 18th, vote PLP!


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