Jason Hayward

Constituency #19 - Pembroke West

Over the past decade I have demonstrated my commitment to my community and the people of Bermuda, whether it be coaching a youth football team, participating in Salvations Army’s food truck initiative or being a vocal advocate for equality, jobs and justice in Bermuda.

I am a strong leader that understands the importance of having a Vision that inspires and motivates people. The PLP’s Vision 2025 is a framework that will lead Bermuda on a continued path of success. This is a vision that I boldly support, one that puts the people first and one that is in alignment with my personal constitution. I strongly believe that:

  • Quality and higher education should not be limited to only those who can pay for it.
  • Seniors should be able to enjoy their golden years in peace and dignity.
  • Healthcare should be affordable and universal.
  • Crime must be reduced by upholding the law and reducing the key contributing social factors.
  • A tax structure that is fair and just must be developed
  • An immigration policy that puts Bermudians first, while recognizing the legitimate needs of businesses to ensure growth and stability is essential.
  • It is important to broaden our reach for global investors and actively promote new economic opportunities.

I am no stranger to Pembroke West; I have spent many of my teen days roaming this area with a number of my childhood friends. These are lifelong friendships built from my time spent at the West Pembroke Primary School and the Western Stars Sports Club. This neighborhood was the mecca of ranging races, fishing and rock diving for me.

The residents of Constituency 19 can be assured that I will represent and uphold their best interest at all times. I will not waiver from my commitment to serve and I truly believe that serving people equates to serving God.


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