Quinton Butterfield

Constituency #30 - Southampton East Central

The question is how will we do this:

Our Vision 2025 maps out the PLP Plan for Bermuda.

The PLP is the Party for all of Bermuda and all Bermudians. Our membership encompasses all and we work on behalf of all. We have pledged our commitment to bipartisan economic and immigration reform to ensure Bermuda is well positioned for our children and children’s children. We understand that some issues need to be separated from the cut and thrust of politics and be put before all stakeholders for input and consultation.

Bermuda is going through difficult times and the only way out is for our leaders to be honest and true to our people as well as to our guest workers and visitors alike. Our people must understand we must make some difficult decisions. This is a balance we must achieve. We must revive our economy to ensure Bermudians have the ability to succeed and share in Bermuda’s success. We must become a community where Bermudians feel supported and encouraged by their government and not one where we feel we are second class citizens to guest workers and foreign investors. However, we also must ensure that guest workers are welcomed and that their investments in our island are appreciated.

We need a Government that is not just for those who are doing well, but also for those who need a helping hand; A Government who will educate our people on how to care for themselves, their families and neighbours; a government who will focus on the people and the social ills plaguing our communities and not just on big business.

The past 5 years of an OBA government have been a vast disappointment. The doubling of debt, loss of 2000 jobs and secrecy of government contracts has gone against every promise they made prior to 2012. Bermuda deserves better and I believe that the next PLP administration will deliver.

I want to be part of that team and I ask the residents of Southampton East Central to support me in this journey.


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