Cannonier's Attack on PLP a Distraction from OBA's Failed Record

The attack on the PLP today by Craig Cannonier, the only Premier in Bermuda's history forced to resign in disgrace, is yet another attempt by the OBA to distract from their record of failing to create jobs for Bermudians.

Instead of taking us forward together, the OBA has left Bermudians behind. Over 2,000 jobs have been lost under their failed leadership. Instead of addressing the massive job losses by getting Bermudians back to work, the OBA's election machine has continued to attack the PLP and conduct a campaign long on rhetoric and short on substance.

The OBA doesn't care that local hotels are boasting of profits while some workers’ hours and take home pay is being slashed.

The OBA doesn't care that yet another school has seen their studies impacted by untreated mould and government neglect.

The OBA doesn't care about the thousands of Bermudians who have left Bermuda because they simply can't make ends meet.

The OBA simply doesn't care and that is why they are more interested in attacking and maligning the PLP than in dealing with the issues that their Bermuda may not be affected by, but our Bermuda is forced to deal with every day.

Bermuda deserves better and it will do better when we have a government that is more interested in putting Bermudians first and in the issues that impact on everyone and not just the rich and privileged.