Col. David Burch

MP Constituency #27 - Warwick North Central

David A. Burch attended West End Primary, Southampton Glebe and Sandy’s Secondary Schools.  He also attended the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst and The School of Infantry, Warminster. 

Colonel Burch served as the Commanding Officer of the Bermuda Regiment from 1994-1997, retiring after almost 20 years of active military service.  He had an extensive career in underwriting property and casualty risks, with a focus on computerized reporting and worked with many Fortune 500 companies over a period of twenty years.

Colonel Burch was elected to Parliament on July 17th, 2017.  However, he is no stranger to Government.  His first Cabinet appointment saw him serve as Government Leader in the Senate and Minister without Portfolio.  From 2005 to 2010 he served as Minister of Works and Engineering and Housing, Minister of Public Safety and Housing, Minister of Labour, Home Affairs and Housing and Minister of National Security, respectively.

Since July 2017, Colonel Burch has served as the Minister of Public Works.

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