Davida Morris

Constituency #20 - Pembroke South West

Davida’s educational foundation in Bermuda began at Paget Primary and continued at The Berkeley Institute and Bermuda College. She then travelled to St. Mary’s University in Canada to continue her studies in Psychology and Sociology, completing her formal education with a Master’s Degree from the London School of Economics in Social Psychology.

Currently, Davida is the Special Advisor to the Minister of Education. She has also worked as a Residential Treatment Officer, Substance Misuse Officer, and as Programme Manager at Greenrock.

An active member of her community, Davida sits on the Paget Parish Council, is the Logistics Chair for the Annual Relay for Life event and is the Secretary-General for the Progressive Labour Party. Her passion for her country and young people have led her to give public talks and write articles on culture and how to positively influence young people.

In 2006, Davida was appointed as Bermuda’s youngest Senator.  In 2007, she was a PLP candidate for Paget East.

Davida has a young son who she says has given renewed meaning and purpose to her actions.