Dellwood's Heritage Showcase a Memorable Performance

Dellwood's Heritage Showcase a Memorable Performance
Diallo Rabain

Last night, joined by the Opposition Leader David Burt, I had the privilege of attending the Dellwood Middle School’s Heritage Month Showcase.

With top class performances from the students, including musical selections by the island’s only public school guitar class, it truly was an honour to experience our children’s talent and their dedication to our culture.

The students’ musical and theatrical interpretation of the life story of Mary Prince, an enslaved Bermudian credited as the first known black woman to relate a slave narrative, was timely for Heritage Month.

The showcase covered from Mary Prince’s birth up until the writing of her story and its significance in shaping and passing the Slavery Abolition Act by the British Parliament in 1834. When the showcase is performed again in June, I urge all to attend. The students and staff should be supported in their plans to film and distribute the showcase throughout our public schools.

Our hats go off to the staff and students of Dellwood Middle school for a memorable performance that was informative, educational and entertaining.