PLP Calls for Media Outlets to Come Together to Organize Leader’s Debate

To date, the Progressive Labour Party has received numerous requests for a debate of Party Leaders. We are open to debates - leader debates, constituency debates, etc. - and, to that end, we encourage the media and political parties to come together and come up with a single debate that is inclusive of all media and accessible to all persons.


Collectively we can set the parameters for the debate and the format. A non-negotiable for the Progressive Labour Party is that the debate be accessible to all. This means people who do not have access to the internet, who are differently-abled, as well as those Bermudians overseas interested, can all access the content if they so choose.

Therefore, any debate needs to have television, radio and digital distribution. There needs to be a clear plan in place to involve the community in developing the questions and the hosts need to be inclusive and representative of the electorate. It also needs to be distributed in a way that the hearing and visually impaired can see it.

That being said, we welcome candidate forum proposals from individual media outlets that might have a more limited distribution. However, if we are to have a national debate of Party Leaders, it must be inclusive of all Bermudians and we encourage it to be organized under the auspices of a non-partisan Bermuda Debates Commission.