PLP Disappointed that America's Cup is Unlikely to Return

PLP Disappointed that America's Cup is Unlikely to Return
PLP Spokesperson for Tourism and Entrepreneurship Jamahl Simmons, JP, MP

The PLP is disappointed to learn that the America's Cup is unlikely to return to Bermuda. Bermuda has budgeted over $70 million dollars of taxpayer money on this event and guaranteed a further $39 million for the construction at Cross island for the AC Village. Indeed, it's been good for many Bermudians, but we are concerned that this government is focused far more on a short-term boost than a long-term investment.

Just in the last two weeks, we learned about the mould at Dellwood Middle School. This comes after the mould problem at TN Tatem and the vermin at Harrington Bay Primary. Our teachers are forced to march for pay and scholarships for our young people have been cut. We've lost 2,000 jobs in our economy and people are hurting. It's great to see the OBA making investments, but they should be doing more to invest in working and middle class Bermudians, not just on a one-time event that is likely not returning to Bermuda. The OBA have done well for one Bermuda - those who already have it all - but they have left too many in our community behind. It's time for the people to elect a government that puts Bermudians first.

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