Progressive Labour Party Embarks on a Comprehensive Constitutional Review, Reinforcing its Commitment to Inclusivity and Evolution

Progressive Labour Party Embarks on a Comprehensive Constitutional Review, Reinforcing its Commitment to Inclusivity and Evolution 

Hamilton, Bermuda - The Progressive Labour Party (PLP) is proud to announce the launch of an extensive review of its Constitution and Bye-Laws, reaffirming the Party's commitment to inclusivity, transparency, and continuous evolution. As part of this process, the Party has established a Constitutional Review Sub-Committee under the Research & Platform Committee, which will be spearheading the review. 

Aligned with our 2023 theme of "Resolve to Evolve," the PLP Executive believes that successfully conducting the mandatory review of our Constitution is essential in ensuring the Party remains progressive and adaptive in the face of changing political and social landscapes. This review will enable us to strengthen our core principles and ensure that our Party's governance structure is reflective of our members' voices. 

To guarantee a transparent and inclusive review process, the Constitutional Review Sub-Committee will be seeking input from all organs of the Party. The first phase of this consultation and collaboration will involve inviting Party members to submit their proposed changes via a survey. The survey link will be circulated to all members, and the deadline for submissions is April 15, 2023. 

This initiative underscores the PLP's commitment to engaging all members in the decision-making process, ensuring that the Party remains accessible and inclusive. The PLP has a proud history of inclusivity and evolution, and this process reinforces the party’s commitment to be inclusive of all members in the future governance of the PLP. 

The Progressive Labour Party would like to thank all of its members in advance for their invaluable contributions to this important initiative. Together, we will continue to evolve, adapt, and work towards building a stronger and more inclusive Party for the people of Bermuda. 

Deputy Party Chair, 

Lauren Bell 



About the Progressive Labour Party: 

The Progressive Labour Party was founded in 1963, driven by the vision of social justice and economic empowerment for all Bermudians. Over the years, the PLP has been steadfast in its commitment to building a fairer and more equitable

Bermuda. As the governing political party, the PLP has championed numerous policies that have improved the lives of Bermudians and have contributed to the ongoing progress and development of the island.