Rolfe Commissiong

MP Constituency #21 - Pembroke South East

In 1998, Rolfe founded a multifaceted communications company called Black Star Communications Ltd.  The firm provides consultancy services in the areas of public relations and communications. Under the Black Star Communications banner, he created and implemented the “CUP Match Classic Safe Hands Award”, which goes to the player selected as the best fielder in Cup Match and which is now in its 19th year.

He also headed up the Government’s Waiver Assistance Programme for affected Bermudians, served on a number of Government Boards, including Planning, The Broadcasting Commission and Chaired the Club’s Committee in 2006, which examined the state of Bermuda’s “Workingman’s Clubs”. In 2005, he served on the Bermuda Independence Commission.

In addition, he has produced documentary and public affairs programming for television, such as “The Big Conversation”, which he formerly hosted. He was also the driving force behind the Columbia University study of our young black males undertaken by Professor Ron. L. Mincy out of which came a number of key recommendations on education, training and workforce development in 2009.

In 2017, Rolfe was selected as Chairman of the critically important bi-partisan, Parliamentary Joint Select Committee on the living wage. This committee was mandated to provide recommendations for the implementation of a living wage for Bermuda.

Rolfe is married to Roxanne and has two children.

Rolfe currently serves as the PLP Spokesperson for Labour & Workforce Development.


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