The PLP Extends Condolences to the Family of PLP Former Minister and Member of Parliament Arthur Hodgson

The PLP Extends Condolences to the Family of PLP Former Minister and Member of Parliament Arthur Hodgson

The Progressive Labour Party wishes to extend its condolences to the family of former PLP Minister and Member of Parliament, Mr. Arthur David Outerbridge Hodgson. As a lawyer, politician, educator, real estate broker, business developer, and researcher, Arthur Hodgson had a wealth of knowledge and experience. Hodgson was a former member of the Bermuda Parliament, former Minister of the Environment and the first to hold that position in the first PLP Government. He was a celebrated Rhodes Scholar, and commercial lawyer. 

Mr. Hodgson was a constant fixture in the life and journey of the party from virtually its inception and joined in the very beginning. Involved with the organisation, its development and administration serving as Deputy Party Chairman and Party Chairman. Hodgson ran as a candidate in 1968, 1972, 1980, 1983 and in 1998 the PLP first victory. Most recently he was Chairman of C5 Hamilton East. 

Mr. Hodgson began practicing law in Bermuda with the firm Richards, Francis and Francis, where he later rose to the position of partner. He worked as a Magistrate in the Family Court on the Bermuda Bench. Following the merger of Richmond Law Offices and Lynda Milligan - Whyte & Associates, he founded the boutique firm Richmond Law Offices to provide legal consulting services. Prior to that, he worked for Apex Law Group LTD., Barristers & Attorneys. 

As the first Chair of the Sustainable Development Round Table, his committee advised the Government and assisted in making recommendations to the Premier and Cabinet on ways to promote sustainable development in Bermuda. He was also the former Chairman of Bermuda's Mission Trust and Chairman of the Hamilton Parish Council. 

The PLP acknowledges and expresses appreciation for Arthur Hodgson's significant contributions to improving the quality of life for the people and Bermuda. 

We want to express our heartfelt sympathies to Arthur Hodgson's family and friends once more, especially to Senator Arianna Hodgson, the late Arthur Hodgson's granddaughter.