Alarming Belco Emissions & Pollution

 By MP Jason Hayward
The emissions and pollution emanating from the BELCO power station should be alarming to all of Bermuda. As the MP for Pembroke Central, I am concerned by the pollution and increased emissions which are spewing from the plant. Area residents have made it clear that they are unhappy and would like for the matter to be rectified immediately. I have personally examined black soot and liquid rust-like residue on roofs, cars, and other property.
The residents have genuine health and safety concerns. During my canvassing of the community, residents have complained that they are prevented from opening their windows as a result of the fumes which consume their neighbourhood. They expressed concern regarding the possibility of contaminated tank water from the slug on their roofs. We have also observed large cracks in residential properties from alleged constant vibration. As one should understand, residents have concerns about their general health and wellbeing; some have complained about constant migraines that have persisted since the new power station came online.
The residents of Pembroke Central, namely St. John’s Road and the Mount Hill area,  feel as though they are under siege.  The community demands answers from BELCO; area residents were promised a cleaner facility but it has turned out be the contrary, a major health hazard. On July 27, I joined a community-organized meeting where residents came together to discuss the unfortunate situation at hand. 
As area representative, I have spoken with the President of BELCO and he as stated their empathy to the residents’ concerns and acknowledge that there have been issues with the new power station. BELCO has advised any affected residents to contact their Occupational Health Safety and Environment (OHSE) team who is responsible for responding to all incidents or concerns from residents.
I have implored BELCO to meet with the residents and rectify this issue as a matter of urgency. Residents who have been affected by the increased emissions should contact BELCO by either emailing [email protected] or calling 299-2802.