Bermuda Day: A Time to Embrace Our Heritage

PLP Statement: Bermuda Day a Time to Embrace Our Heritage
Statement by Opposition Leader E. David Burt, JP, MP

On behalf of my Opposition colleagues, it is my sincere pleasure to extend Bermuda Day greetings to all in our community.

Bermuda Day and Heritage Month is an annual opportunity to reflect on our culture and what truly matters to us. The concept of Bermuda Day arose out of one of the darkest and divisive eras of our recent history - the 1977 riots. It has become a time to embrace our diverse heritage and to celebrate our lives. The theme for this year’s Heritage Month, “Our Sporting Heritage,” allows us to embrace the spirit of sportsmanship; a spirit of togetherness, teamwork and determination.

As is the case with team players, Bermudians are at our best when we are moving towards a common goal. This Bermuda Day let us remember that by working together for a fair, just and equitable Bermuda we can reduce the divide that plagues our island. With this shared vision, we can make everyday life better for all our Bermuda family.

Let us take today to celebrate our community’s victories and learn from our losses. One cannot exist without the other and they both form the threads that tie our community together.

As we celebrate Bermuda this Heritage Month, I wish you and your family a safe, happy and sporting Bermuda Day 2017.