Bermuda Progressive Labour Party Marks Six Years of Progressive Achievements

Bermuda Progressive Labour Party Marks Six Years of Progressive Achievements

 Six years ago, the new PLP Cabinet was sworn in after its General Election victory of 2017. The PLP Government has not only successfully guided Bermuda through a global pandemic but has also implemented a series of reforms and initiatives that have delivered on its promise of building a better and fairer Bermuda. 

Under the PLP Government, Bermuda has seen a robust economic recovery since the Pandemic, with growth exceeding expectations at 5.4% in 2021. This success is largely due to the implementation of Bermuda's Economy Recovery Plan, which has fostered a conducive environment for entrepreneurship and business growth. 

In a move to make the tax system more equitable, the PLP Government has cut taxes for 86% of workers and local businesses, providing much-needed relief and stimulating economic activity. This tax reform has been instrumental in rebuilding the economy, making it more resilient and inclusive. The PLP Government has shown a strong commitment to ensuring that the tax system is fair and equitable, providing relief for workers and small businesses and stimulating economic growth. This has resulted in more disposable income for workers to utilize for family expenses. 

Education has been a key focus area for the PLP Government. We have doubled scholarship funding, providing more opportunities for Bermudian students to pursue higher education and achieve their full potential while ensuring that all Bermudians can attend Bermuda College despite their financial circumstances. Furthermore, we have kept our promise to introduce signature schools, a reform that is set to revolutionize public education in Bermuda. This initiative is designed to cater to the diverse learning needs of our students, preparing them for a successful future in the global economy. Six years ago, our public schools did not have Wi-Fi; today, all of our schools have high-speed Wi-Fi and all our students have laptops for learning use. 

The PLP Government has also made significant strides in social welfare. We have increased child daycare eligibility to households with incomes of $130,000 or less, providing additional support for working families. Additionally, we have assisted the Bermuda Housing Corporation in providing 66 new affordable housing units, increasing the availability of affordable housing for renters and first-time homeowners, with more units set to come online in the next few months. 

Our commitment to creating a nation of owners is evident in launching the Mortgage Guarantee Programme reducing down payments and interest rates for first-time homeowners, which has paved the way for 29 Bermudians to own their own home. 

In the area of sports and recreation, we have invested over $1.5 million in 22 local sporting bodies and provided additional funding for high-performing athletes through the High-Performance Scholarship Programme, and installed fitness equipment in public parks. These investments have not only promoted physical fitness but have also fostered a sense of community and national pride. 

The PLP Government has shown a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. We completed the solar project on the airport finger, electrified Bermuda's bus fleet, and are installing solar panels on Government buildings. The PLP Government also has added EV charging stations around the island. Most importantly, we've upgraded the sewage infrastructure in St George's which will see the end to sewage being dumped in the waters of the East End. These initiatives are a testament to our dedication to preserving Bermuda's natural beauty for future generations. 

We have also made significant strides in infrastructure development. The opening of the new St George’s Marina on May 22, 2023, has provided improved dock area and facilities; and we've expanded piped water to the east end. And, in our efforts to ensure the safety and security of Bermudians, we have started the upgrades to the CCTV system, which will triple the amount of active cameras in the community. And there are more infrastructure upgrades to come with the highest capital investment not budget in 15 years to upgrade our schools, build new clinics, repave our roads, and refit our ferries and their docks. 

As we celebrate these achievements, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all those who have contributed to our success. We thank our Government Ministers, past and present, for their unwavering dedication and service. We remember with respect and admiration the late Walton Brown, who was sworn in six years ago today, and whose contributions continue to inspire us. 

We also express our gratitude to the MPs who have supported the Government from the backbench, providing invaluable insights and guidance. Their commitment to serving the people of Bermuda has been instrumental in our achievements. 

Finally, we extend our heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers who assist the party as they assist Bermudians in their communities. Their tireless efforts and dedication have played a crucial role in our success. 

There is much more to be done. But we are on the right path. The pandemic was an interruption but even through those challenges, we ensured our people received the financial assistance necessary to maintain their homes. Now that the pandemic is over, we have picked up where we left off; our country is on the path to a balanced budget and reduced debt and all of our vital signs are headed in the right direction. We recognize, however, that all do not share in the prosperity, and we will continue to provide assistance where our people require. 

As we look forward to the future, we remain committed to serving the people of Bermuda. We are grateful for the trust and support of Bermudians, and we pledge to continue working tirelessly to build a brighter future for all. 

We thank you for your continued support. 

-Premier David Burt - on behalf of all who have served as part of the Progressive Labour Party team since our July 18, 2017 victory. 

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