Bermuda’s Education System Deserves Better

PLP Statement: Bermuda’s Education System Deserves Better
Education Minister Cole Simons

The statement by Education Minister Cole Simons reinforces our belief that politics must be taken out of education. Backbiting, petty squabbling and name calling may impress some, but most Bermudians want solutions and not excuses. Despite this, the OBA seems more interested in finger pointing and ducking responsibility than on addressing the real issues facing our most important resource; our children.

Bermuda deserves better and we can do better when we take the politics out of education, put an end to petty squabbling and make our children a priority.

The PLP has committed to a restructuring of the education system that will provide our students with the tools necessary to achieve in this evolving technological world. Additionally, we have performed preliminary assessments to identify what is working, and what is not. After consultation, we will ensure that we will not disturb what is working, but where improvements are necessary, we will take steps to address.

The middle school system has proven to provide hardships to the development and success of our students, and we plan to address this in a phasing out and a return to a two tiered system.
Minister Simons accused the PLP of doing “nothing in 14 years”, a phrase rooted in pre-election hyperbole. During the PLP’s 14 years in office, there were significant advancements made, including, but not limited to:
• Commissioning the Hopkins report, of which 8 of 10 recommendations were implemented
• Implementing the Internationally recognized Cambridge Curriculum
• Introduction of Career Pathways
• Implementing the Dual Enrollment Programme at Bermuda College
• Increased funding for Bermuda Government Scholarships
• Reducing Class size

We understand there is much more to be done to advance our students and to prepare them for the future, and the PLP is committed to that task. Today, there are two Bermudas; one where access to quality education and a pathway to higher education and a career are a given and the other Bermuda that has been neglected and forgotten for too long. Bermuda can do better.
The PLP will be hosting a town hall on education tonight, Wednesday May 31 at 7pm at Elliott Primary and we invite the public as well as Minister Simons to attend. Here we will show our draft plan for education under the next PLP administration, as well as listen to suggestions and concerns from parents, teachers, students and others in attendance.