Better Immigration Policies to Support Economic Growth

Through thoughtful immigration policies, the PLP will continue to uphold its commitment to protect jobs, opportunity and land for Bermudians first. A PLP Government will be equally committed to ensuring that we use immigration policy as a powerful tool to ensure a growing and vibrant economy

Your next PLP Government will:

  • Continue the work with the bipartisan committee to complete comprehensive immigration reform dealing with the issues of long-term residents.
  • Revise the Long-Term Residential Certificate policy to require all future residents to make economic investments in Bermuda, such as the establishment of family offices, acquisition and development of property, setting up a new business, or investment in the Bermuda Trust Fund.
  • Reform the Work Permit Policy to promote business expansion in Bermuda while regulating gainful employment of guest workers. 
  • Digitise the immigration application processes to improve the quality and speed of the delivery of immigration services.
  • Grow the economy by providing incentives for emigrated Bermudians to return home.