Burt, Roban Re-elected

Burt, Roban Re-elected 

Tonight, the Delegates and the Members of Parliament of the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party, Bermuda’s oldest political party, re-elected its leadership for another term. This saw the reelection of Party Leader David Burt and Deputy Leader Walter Roban. 

When asked about the election results, newly re-elected Party Leader David Burt said, “Under our long-standing constitution, our party held a fair and democratic election process and we thank everyone for their efforts. From the volunteers who make up our executive, to our branches, party members and supporters who assisted with all aspects of execution. I especially want to thank my wife and children for their support, as this role is hardest on them; their support and love strengthen me.” 

Party Leader David Burt continued, “I am humbled and grateful to be returned to my role as Leader to continue the work that we have begun. As a party, we presented a bold and progressive platform in 2017 & 2020 and have never lost sight of our goal. Tonight, I am pleased that we again conducted a fair and democratic process. Challengers are a cornerstone of democracy, and I thank MP Curtis Dickinson and MP Renee Ming for presenting their names for consideration by the Delegates. 

“Now that the election is behind us, the work to rebuild both the country and the party resumes as we together continue on the path to building a better and fairer Bermuda. As I said in our Leaders’ Debate, there is work to do to restore relationships within the Party, and that effort will start in earnest immediately. 

“When we assumed office in 2017, we immediately began undoing the damage of the OBA to deliver on our promises. Now, the party has again endorsed our progressive agenda and economic vision and we will move forward with our plan to implement a minimum wage increase, advance fairer taxation, reform education and 

provide affordable Healthcare for all Bermudians. In my final term as Leader, now more than ever, I am committed to delivering a Bermuda that our founders, members and supporters can be proud of.”