Chris Famous

MP Constituency #11 - Devonshire East

One word to define my candidacy would be "relationships". In recent years, I have spent countless hours on the campaign trail knocking on doors and visiting with Bermudians from all walks of life. The experiences have been invaluable and I am most appreciative to those who have spent this time with me.  These relationships that I have built will hopefully last the rest of my lifetime, inside and outside of politics.

The reason I decided that this was the right time for me to enter the political sphere is that Bermuda needs new energy and new blood into our politics.  Additionally, I feel the government we currently have is not performing satisfactorily or in the best interest of all Bermudians.

The OBA government has disrespected our people continually for the past 4 years.  This disrespect is not simply due to disagreements over policy, but it has been through their words and deeds.  Seniors have been told “money doesn’t grow on trees”, yet we have seen money allocated to America’s Cup at the expense of seniors’ pensions, school maintenance, and technology improvements. 

I believe we have a great team for this upcoming General Election and I am confident we will assume the next government of Bermuda.  I have chosen Devonshire East to contest as I have spent nearly all my life in the Hermitage Road area of Devonshire.  My family history is rooted there.  I'm a product of Elliott Primary.  Devonshire East isn't a constituency to me, it is my immediate community. 

In my canvassing I have met many people of all demographics who are looking for change.  Many are disillusioned and disappointed.  I have listened and I have empathized.  I have encouraged and I have been encouraged. The prevailing opinion in Devonshire East is that a change needs to come and I hope that change will begin with me on July 18, being selected as your new Devonshire East Member of Parliament.


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