Developing our Communities, Enhancing Our Culture, Celebrating Sport

Community development and sport play an important role in bringing Bermudians together to appreciate a sense of both community and nationhood.

In support of this, a PLP Government will

  • Launch a National Cultural Heritage Policy.
  • Continue to highlight Bermudians who have made significant contributions to Bermuda.
  • Erect a Mary Prince monument at the Mary Prince Emancipation Park, whilst recognising other transformational Bermudians.
  • Ecologically restore Gibbets Island and construct a monument to mark the history of the site.
  • Implement solutions to address the issues around race relations in Bermuda in collaboration with groups like CURB.
  • Honour and celebrate Bermudian athletes who have achieved excellence in sports.
  • Increase our investments in sport as an avenue to develop our youth by directing a portion of revenues from gaming taxes to support sport development.
  • Continue the Capital Development Grant Programme to support community and sporting clubs to upgrade their facilities. 


Enhancing the Community of St. George's

Your PLP Government understands, respects and appreciates the historical significance of St. George’s. St. George's is the pride of Bermuda as it gave birth to our historical roots.

The next PLP Government will:

  • Enact legislation to advance the construction of a marina in St. George’s Harbour. A marina will enhance the town while providing a much-needed economic boost to the community.
  • Enact legislation to advance the renovation of the St. George’s Club to provide jobs and economic activity.
  • Ensure that the residents of St. George's continue to have a voice, whilst providing specialised expertise to enhance the functionality of the Corporation. The PLP believes governance reform is an essential component in modernising aspects of the town and that St. George’s has earned the right to have sole legislation, given its special status as a world heritage site.
  • Your PLP Government will complete the work commenced for the upgrade of the waste treatment facility. We recognised that this was long overdue and much-needed for the modernisation of the antiquated system of waste management.
  • Continue to support St. George’s with annual capital grants to accelerate economic development within the St. George’s Economic Empowerment Zone.