Creating a Fairer Bermuda

Your next PLP Government will:

  • Introduce Equality Impact Assessments as a component of our legislative and policy development process to ensure that current and future laws or policies do not expand or encourage discrimination.
  • Reinforce the powers of the Human Rights Commission to investigate and penalise businesses that discriminate against Bermudians in hiring, promotion and compensation. Companies must provide similar benefits to foreign staff and local staff.
  • Review the key recommendations from the Joint Select Committee on Women’s Issues.
  • Provide support to working single parents participating in educational or career development by expanding access to reliable and affordable childcare.
  • Evaluate approaches to best support family-first policies for families with children in lower income households to break the cycle of poverty.
  • Provide the resources needed to ensure that the Land Title Registry is fully operational.
  • Ensure more affordable housing is available for seniors and families.
  • Institute a phased plan to make government buildings more accessible to our seniors and physically challenged citizens.
  • Remove compulsory military service or “conscription” from the laws of Bermuda.

The issue of same sex marriage remains a matter of conscience for our members. We accept that same sex couples should have similar legal benefits as heterosexual couples, save and except for marriage, and will introduce legislation to achieve this aim. The issue of same sex marriages has been a divisive one due to the lack of leadership by the OBA. Their failure to lead is an example of why they are unfit to lead. Our position takes into account the divisive nature of the issue and strikes the right balance