Dennis Lister III

MP Constituency #28 - Warwick West

Dennis Lister III, is the eldest son of Dennis and Miranda Lister.  Born into a very politically minded family, he follows in the footsteps of his father, uncle and great uncle, who have all served the PLP and Bermuda. Politics has been instilled in him from a very young age and he understands the importance of serving not only your immediate community but the island as a whole. He strongly believes that in serving others you not only improve yourself but you make those around you better. 

Having had an interest in politics from a young age, he joined The Bermuda Youth Parliament, were he shone as an outstanding debater and politician. He has had the opportunity to represent Bermuda overseas at Commonwealth Youth Parliament Debate. He views the experience of debating with Youth Parliamentarians from other countries as a life learning exercise in appreciating that although they came from Countries in some cases, with vastly different challenges, many of the issues and concerns of the youth are the same. After finishing Youth Parliament as a student he returned to assist as a junior counselor and to share some of his knowledge with the younger Parliamentarians. 

Dennis continued his community service by serving in the Bermuda Regiment. He says that the experience was definitely character building and learned skills that are still useful today.

He is a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church and firmly believes in putting God first in everything and having a strong relationship with Him. He attributes his relationship with God to getting him to where he is in life today. And when faced with challenges his draws strength from Philippians 4:13 " I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me".

Dennis attended Bermuda Institute from kindergarten to grade 12, where education and religion taught him that hard work, perseverance and humility are key principals to life. After completing high school, he attended Oakwood College in Huntsville Alabama where he studied business management and international studies.  

He has been employed for many years at one of the local banks, where he has worked with various departments and enjoys working in the banking industry. 

Dennis' first steps into civic duty saw him serve on the Bermuda Road Safety council, from 2010-2016, were he gained valuable knowledge of how Government Boards operate.  He also served on the inaugural Youth Tourism Board, during it short lived term. He credits his time on the Youth Tourism Board for giving him a greater appreciation of his island home and how blesses we are to live on this gem. 

He is an avid sports man and as such is a member of the Somerset Cricket Club and player for the Somerset Trojans. He is proud of the numerous awards the team has won and feels honoured to have been a member of the 2015 team that won the Premier Division Title for the first time in 23 Years.  

Dennis is dedicated member and former Deputy Chair of his home branch, Constituency 33. His service to the Branch has enabled him to develop his personal appreciate of the principals and values of the PLP and reinforced his values of service to the community.  

Dennis has always believed in his personal motto "the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Every challenge that you are faced with in life, can only be overcome by taking the first step to meet it.  


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