Dennis Lister III

MP Constituency #28 - Warwick West

Dennis Lister III is the eldest son of Dennis and Miranda Lister. He is recently married to Mrs. Alicia Lister.

Dennis attended Bermuda Institute, where education and religion taught him that hard work, perseverance and humility are key principles of life. He then attended Oakwood College in Huntsville, Alabama, where he studied Business Management and International Studies.

Dennis has worked at one of Bermuda’s banking institutions since 2005.

In Warwick West, he has been active over the past three years hosting back-to-school events, codfish breakfasts, school donations, pizza lunches and town halls. He proudly serves his constituency and loves to represent the constituents of C28.

Dennis has been vocal about changes needed to legislation concerning marijuana in Bermuda. He has been an advocate for the decriminalization of marijuana and comprehensive reform of how marijuana is treated in Bermuda. Dennis also currently serves as the Chair of the Road Safety Council.

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