Bermuda is ideally positioned to become a leader in sustainability and renewable energy. Since we were elected, we have streamlined planning processes to spur development, supported investments in renewable energy, modernised legislation governing animals and taken steps to combat climate change. 

Your next PLP Government will:

  • Advance legislation that provides greater powers to the Government to reduce the costs of electricity for the people of Bermuda, including regulating the storage and distribution of fuel.
  • Develop an energy regulatory sandbox that will encourage developers of new renewable energy technology to test their products in Bermuda, giving Bermudians access to new technology. 
  • Support the development of electric recharging infrastructure for electric vehicles.
  • Introduce legislation to eliminate single-use plastics by 2022.
  • Phase out the purchase of new fossil-fuel buses and invest in electric buses.
  • Increase protection against animal abuse by widening the investigative powers of animal welfare officers and strengthening penalties for wilful animal cruelty. 
  • Introduce a tree-planting initiative consisting of incentives for owners of roadside properties to plant native/endemic or fruit trees.
  • Introduce a full-scale economic development plan in our 200-mile marine Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) with sound conservation goals that will provide sustainable fisheries policies and programmes that will create positive incentives to encourage our existing and future commercial fishermen.
  • Provide greater opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs by introducing a “Competent Persons Scheme”, which will allow individuals to be certified as trusted persons and will qualify them for planning concessions and fast-tracking of applications. 
  • Require all planning decisions to incorporate an equality impact assessment to ensure that historically deprived communities are a priority for infrastructure improvements.