Enhancing Healthcare

In the time of a Pandemic, having access to healthcare and the peace of mind that access provides is essential. The PLP is committed to providing affordable healthcare for all in Bermuda.

To enhance healthcare in Bermuda, the next PLP Government will:

  • In collaboration with Bermuda First, introduce a Bermuda Health Plan ensuring access to affordable universal healthcare for all. Designed with technology at its core to maximise efficiencies and data-driven care, the integrated healthcare model will allow the public and private sectors to work together to reduce Bermuda’s healthcare spend, while improving healthcare outcomes. This will reduce the dependency on the hospital and focus more on prevention as well as primary and community care.
  • Protect against a second wave of the Coronavirus by expanding our testing capacity while creating a new testing lab at the Bermuda College. 
  • Mandate pharmacies to provide pricing information on the most commonly prescribed medications so that the Government can establish a national drug formulary that will set maximum pricing for these medications, which will reduce costs to consumers.
  • Increase support for training of Bermudians as community nurses.
  • Increase funding for mental health services, in terms of both physical infrastructure and training.