Good Governance

Good Governance

While Bermudian jobs continue to be lost and jobs held by non-Bermudians continue to grow, the OBA continues to duck responsibility, duck accountability and run away from their own record.

It is clear that the OBA has been living the good life for far too long as they remain oblivious to the suffering of their fellow countrymen.

Their record on good governance includes a Premier resigning in disgrace in a corruption scandal.

Their record on jobs includes job losses for Bermudians while Non-Bermudians continue to gain employment

Their record on education includes moldy schools, under supported teachers and under supported students

Election day is coming and the OBA needs to stop ducking, stop hiding and stop deflecting. Bermuda can do better and will do better, with a PLP government that understands the challenges facing Bermudians and with the will to put Bermudians first.