One of the most important functions of Government is to improve the quality and standard of living of its citizens. The PLP has made progress in building a more fair and just society. In our next term, we will continue to advance initiatives that strengthen our social safety net while reducing pressure on middle class families. 



Since our election, the PLP has reduced payroll taxes for working families to the lowest level in history, saving the average family $2,000 a year in payroll taxes. It has also eliminated customs duty on staple foods and reduced duty on clothing, household linens and shoes, while eliminating taxes for new local companies in their first year of operation. 

The next PLP Government will: 

  • Eliminate payroll taxes on those making under $48,000 a year.
  • Reduce the payroll taxes for all persons making under $96,000 a year. 
  • Reform payroll taxes to encourage and incentivise the hiring of Bermudians.
  • Reduce selected customs duties and all vehicle licensing fees to relieve pressure on working and middle class families. 
  • Continue its work to review our existing tax system to further reduce the tax burden on working and middle class Bermudians while ensuring that those who live and work in Bermuda who can afford to pay more do pay more. Many people have called for fundamental tax reforms in light of the Coronavirus Pandemic, and if re-elected the PLP will task the Bipartisan Tax Reform Commission to re-examine the recommendations made in its 2018 report. 



The PLP recognises that the main contributors to the high cost of living in Bermuda are energy, healthcare, housing and food prices, and as such, the next PLP Government will:

  • Reduce the cost of mortgages by lowering interest rates through the formation of the Bermuda National Digital Bank, while working with local banks to provide security for mortgage loans to reduce interest rates. 
  • In partnership with international companies, set up a Green Energy Fund to provide capital to deploy solar installations throughout the Island.
  • Remain focused on bringing needed healthcare reforms that make our system more efficient, while reducing co-pays and providing better coverage for preventative care.
  • Support startups, cooperatives, and Bermuda Market participants who are looking to supply foods at lower prices by partnering with the financial assistance programme to reduce costs not only to taxpayers but also to the general public.
  • Construct residential developments in Bermuda’s EEZ to increase the supply of quality, affordable residential accommodation, driving down rental costs.
  • Work with pharmacists, hospitals and physicians to reduce the costs of prescription medications.



Housing expenses in Bermuda remain a challenge. The PLP will ensure that more Bermudians can get on the housing ladder by working to reduce interest rates, making it easier to meet the requirements for down payments, and by making more affordable housing available. 

A PLP Government will:

  • Provide government support to first-time homeowners to allow them to purchase government-sponsored apartments with a 5% down payment. These apartment buildings will be built by Bermudians, who will be trained through the Youth Employment Strategy.
  • Allow for workers in both the public sector and the private sector to use their pension savings as collateral/down payments for the purchase of a home in which they intend to live, reducing the cash down payment that will be needed. 
  • Continue to increase the stock of affordable housing throughout the country and expand rent geared to income programmes.



We as a country must better support our young people who for whatever reason are in the care of the state and age out. Currently, there are not enough services for young adults who are in care when they turn 18, and we have a moral imperative to remedy this gap in assistance to our young people.

The next PLP Government will:

  • Establish Independent Living Coordinators to support young people as they age out of government care, including foster care. These Coordinators will provide sustainable relationships with supportive adults for our youth while being responsible for developing and implementing plans to provide: stable, safe and affordable housing options; post-secondary education, employment, career and financial advice; and access to physical and mental healthcare.



The PLP understands the need to provide social protection to ensure that no Bermudian is left behind. The PLP is committed to reducing poverty and inequality in Bermuda and will continue to provide support to families to build stronger communities. 

Your next PLP Government will implement reforms to financial assistance that will:

  • Ensure all able-bodied persons have Personal Employment Plans that will place them on pathways to employment while ensuring that persons on financial assistance are not penalised for working and will be allowed the opportunity to save and build their assets. 
  • Improve childcare support by implementing a savings system to allow persons with children to retain 50% of child support received to cover child-related expenses. Currently, financial assistance awards are reduced to account for any child support received. 
  • Allow financial assistance clients to hold or receive gifts up to $2,500 to assist with certain household extraordinary expenses.



A PLP Government will provide those persons at risk of or experiencing homelessness a Continuum of Care which focuses on client-specific prevention strategies and homeless assistance programmes that maximise self-sufficiency and prevent a return to homelessness, including:

  • Outreach, intake and assessment to identify services and housing needs and provide a link to the appropriate level for each.
  • Expansion of emergency shelters to provide an immediate and safe alternative to sleeping on the streets, especially for homeless families with children.
  • Transitional housing with access to support services to enable the development of life skills that will be needed once permanently housed.
  • Permanent, supportive housing to provide individuals and families with an affordable place to live with programmes and services, if needed.
  • Improvement of homeless individuals' access to mental health services.



The PLP has made progress when it comes to consumer protection. We regulated debt collection agencies and are working with the BMA to modify foreclosure rules to protect homeowners. 

The next PLP Government will:

  • Introduce legislation to provide customer protections when obtaining loans and mortgages.
  • Introduce legislation that will provide increased protections for landlords, tenants and boarders.



The PLP Government has made progress in providing better support for our women, children and families. We extended paid maternity leave and introduced paid paternity leave, awarded additional contracts to businesses owned by women, upgraded Bermuda’s child safeguarding policy, and implemented a litigation guardian framework for children. 

The next PLP Government will:

  • Replace the Child Care Placement Board with a Children’s Commission to provide independent oversight for children and young people in care and make recommendations for best practice policy, programmes and service responses to meet their needs.