A vision for the future must take into account the requirement to invest in our civil infrastructure. As we succeed in growing our economy over the next decade, we must also prepare our infrastructure for more people living and working in Bermuda.

Your next PLP Government will:

  • Implement the National Infrastructure Strategy Plan, which identifies important improvements and repairs to our infrastructure that will not only enhance our overall quality of life, but will create business opportunities for construction companies and jobs for Bermudian construction workers.
  • Commence the redevelopment of the Hamilton Waterfront which was stalled due to the OBA’s poor governance.
  • Support the Corporation of St. George to address sewage treatment in the East End.
  • Ensure that all infrastructure projects are subject to a tender process in accordance with the Good Governance Act 2011.
  • Not privatise public assets to foreign companies, robbing Bermudians of future revenue. Any private funding for infrastructure development will be done through Bermuda Government Crown Corporations, ensuring that profits remain in Bermuda for the benefit of Bermudians.
  • Incentivise the construction of studio and one-bedroom apartments in the city of Hamilton which will be affordable enough for young Bermudians to purchase, creating jobs and bringing new life to the city.
  • Review the privatisation contract between AECON and the Bermuda Government for the L.F. Wade International Airport to ensure that Bermuda gets a better deal.