The Progressive Labour Party recognizes the significance of International Workers’ Day within the  global trade union movement and the fight for the advancement of workers’ rights. 

International Workers’ Day, sometimes referred to as May Day, originated from a walkout of over  300,000 workers on May 1, 1886 for fight for the 8-hour workday and the Haymarket Massacre, the  violent clash between the police and labour protesters on May 4, 1886. 

Today, International Workers' Day is not only a way to commemorate the historic struggles and  advancements made by both workers and the labour movement but also to celebrate the  contributions made by workers. 

The PLP's roots are labour and this is reflected in all that we do. The PLP has been on the frontline  of the labour movement since its inception, and our members have played an instrumental role in  steadfastly and unapologetically progressing the rights of labour.  

This Party's commitment to labour is reflected in the recent reform of our country’s labour  legislation – the Employment Amendment Act 2020 and the Trade Union and Labour Relations  [Consolidation] Act 2020. 

It is through these legislative advancements that both Bermuda’s workers and trade unions have  gained protections that exceed those found in many other jurisdictions. These changes were  particularly significant because they are the product of a tripartite approach; the result of the  government, unions and employers working collaboratively together. 

Additionally, the recent passing of The Employment [Minimum Wage Entitlement] Act 2022 is in  keeping with the Party's campaign pledge and efforts to establish a more equitable country. 

While significant advances have been made, the PLP remains focused on continuing the work of its  founding members to progress the quality of life for workers.

On May 1, the PLP proudly joins our brothers and sisters in solidarity to honour the contributions  that all Bermuda's workers have made, and continue to make, to the success of our shared home.