A PLP Government will be committed to ensuring that Bermudians have access to good, stable jobs and fair wages. We understand that jobs are the foundation of our society, providing Bermudians with fulfilment and purpose. The PLP will create job opportunities for Bermudians by removing systemic barriers and ensuring Bermudian workers are put first

Your next PLP Government pledges to:

  • Finish implementing minimum and living wages to ensure workers receive a dignified wage which allows them to cover their basic needs. 
  • Implement our jobs strategy aimed at reducing unemployment, preventing future unemployment and creating ease of access to employment opportunities, and increase opportunities for the training and development required to equip Bermudians for the current and future world of work. 
  • Implement Workforce Equity Legislation in an effort to:
    • Achieve equality in the workplace by ensuring that no person shall be denied employment opportunities or benefits for reasons unrelated to ability. 
    • Correct the conditions of disadvantage in employment experienced by some within our labourforce through the adoption of special measures and the accommodation of differences.
    • Implement pay transparency legislation to promote equity and establish requirements relating to the disclosure of information about the compensation of employees and prospective employees. 
  • Further strengthen the Employment Act to ensure workers’ rights are protected in the workplace and that employers who disregard the rights of workers are held accountable, and allow for compensatory damages for employees who are wrongfully terminated.
  • Establish a National Unemployment Insurance scheme that will provide income protection for Bermudian workers who find themselves displaced from the workforce. 



As a country, we must respect and value young people’s contributions to society, with a focus on addressing the specific challenges and immediate needs of the country’s youth. 

A PLP Government will:

  • Develop a National Youth Policy aimed at fostering direct engagement of our youth in the development of government policies, while ensuring effective delivery of youth services by consolidating and integrating existing programmes. 
  • Implement our Youth Employment Strategy to meet the identified needs of unemployed persons between the ages of 18 and 26, guide unemployed Bermudian youth back to work and train them in jobs currently occupied by guest workers.