Kim Swan

MP Constituency #2 - St. George's West

Hubert ‘Kim’ Eugene Swan, JP, MP has a long association with St. George’s Parish. He lives in the Town of St. George and is the current parliamentary representative for St. George’s West Constituency 2.

Kim has an impressive record of public service as a Senator for nine years and has entered his sixth year as a Member of Parliament. He served as an MP in St. George’s West from 2007 until 2012 and was re-elected as a Progressive Labour Party Parliamentarian.

Kim has served on numerous Government boards and Parliamentary committees, including as former Chairman of the Joint Select Committee on the events of December 2, 2016; former Chairman of the Road Safety Council; and former member of the Police Complaints Authority, Immigration Board, Charity Commission and the St. George's Golf Course Advisory Committee.

As a member of the Bermuda branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA), he has represented Bermuda at several conferences in Bermuda, the Caribbean and Tanzania, including being a presenter in Uganda on the Benchmarks of the CPA.

He is a professional golfer by trade and holds the distinction of being the first Bermudian to compete as a member on the PGA European Golf Tour. As a collegiate golfer, Kim represented Troy State University and won two NCAA collegiate golf championships.

Kim is devoted to community service. He thrives on the interaction with diverse communities. He listens, understands and connects in a way which fosters positive community growth. This is borne out of his spirituality. He enjoys reading the Bible as much as he enjoys watching soccer and cricket.

Kim was educated at The Berkeley Institute and Warwick Secondary, received further education at Palm Beach Junior College (now Palm Beach State College) in Florida, and graduated from Troy State University, Alabama with a Bachelor of Science degree. Kim is married to Cindy and they are proud parents of two daughters and two sons.

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