Message from David Burt

Together we ably saw Bermuda through the health crisis and into the new normal that allowed us to reopen our economy and put Bermudians back to work, but the next few years are going to be difficult. We now need to rebuild our economy with Bermudians at heart while also protecting Bermuda against a potential second global wave of the Pandemic.

In an effort to see us through this national crisis, many have made sacrifices by tightening their belts and agreeing to take pay cuts. This included your Government Ministers and MPs. Your Government recognises and appreciates the shared sacrifices that are continuing to be made as collectively we weather these difficult times.

The Progressive Labour Party’s priority is now economic growth. Our goal is to focus on the investment and policies needed to spur economic growth essential in getting Bermudians back to work, restoring hope, sparking entrepreneurship and innovation, and building a more prosperous Bermuda that provides opportunity to all Bermudians while creating wealth for future generations.

Our key recovery commitments are as follows:

  • Create the Bermuda National Digital Bank with ownership shares available to all Bermudians to invest and create wealth for future generations. The bank will allow for long-stalled industries like gaming to commence, creating jobs and economic growth, while connecting Bermuda’s residents and entrepreneurs to the global world of digital payments. This bank will ensure that more Bermudians can benefit from lower mortgage rates to reduce pressure on middle class families, while lower rates will increase the value of existing homes.
  • Reform banking laws to increase banking competition in Bermuda by introducing new classes of banks to Bermuda while reducing required startup capital for new banks. This will allow more banks to enter the local market, providing jobs in Bermuda. Banking reform will include harmonising the Bermuda base rate charged by local banks while working with local banks to provide security for mortgage loans to reduce interest rates charged on mortgages.
  • Transform the City of Hamilton into a livable city by fostering the development of apartment buildings in Hamilton that will enable young Bermudians to join the property ladder. First-time homeowners will receive support from the Government to allow them to purchase these apartments with a 5% down payment.
  • Start a green energy revolution led by the Government that will increase the use of renewable energy in homes and businesses throughout the Island to reduce electricity bills and do our part in the battle against climate change. We will also introduce joint electricity ownership schemes to allow homeowners to receive grant money for panels and develop profit-sharing co-ops with energy investors.
  • Increase investment in the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) with the goal of starting dozens of new Bermudian-owned businesses every year. This will mean assisting entrepreneurs with startup grants, financing assistance, and business coaching while supporting these new businesses with the power of public procurement.
    We will introduce technology to allow entrepreneurs to quickly incorporate businesses online and eliminate even more red tape and regulations than we have since first elected.

At the end of the day, this election is about leadership and who we want to see Bermuda through this economic recovery while protecting us from a possible global second wave of the Coronavirus.

The PLP is not done with our work yet. We are working to keep our promises. And, in addition to the above, we will phase out middle schools and introduce signature schools, implement a living wage, provide affordable accessible healthcare to all, and adjust our immigration policies to encourage the expansion of our economy.

Ours is a progressive vision for Bermuda and we have a heart for the people.

We humbly ask for your vote on October 1st to keep the strong leadership that works for all Bermudians.

Thank you

E. David Burt, JP, MP
Premier of Bermuda
Leader, Progressive Labour Party