Minister of Labour Jason Hayward - 2020 Youth Platform

Today, we’re pleased to announce our accomplishments and our platform commitments for our young people. The PLP team, led by David Burt, offers the right combination of youth and experience. Today, we’re pleased to have with us Jache Adams, our candidate in Constituency #19, Pembroke West, and Arianna Hodgson, our candidate in Constituency #23, Paget West. Both candidates are committed to being strong and effective advocates for our young people.

The PLPs Jobs Strategy and our National Workforce Development Plan has youth employment at their core. The Plans prioritizes support for youth and young adults, ensuring that there are substantial investments in programmes and services that help young persons to lead healthy, safe, and successful lives. We recognize the employment barriers that exist for young Bermudians and we are committed to expanding job opportunities through the various youth employment programs that we will be implementing.

The PLP doesn't just give lip service to young people. We are young people too, and our impressive record of delivery for our youth and our plans for the future will improve the quality of life and build wealth for future generations. Our commitment to young people in Bermuda should be a primary reason why young Bermudians should vote solidly for the PLP in this election.