Ministers Resign From Cabinet

Premier the Hon. David Burt, JP, MP advised that Ministers Zane DeSilva and Wayne Caines have accepted his invitation to resign from the Cabinet.

Premier Burt said: “The events of this weekend seen widely on social media did not represent this Government’s months of struggle and hard work to keep Bermuda safe. Every citizen has been forced to make significant changes in how we live, work and socialize; ministers are no different. It is this that I communicated to Ministers DeSilva and Caines.
“As these men depart the Cabinet I am frustrated and immensely disappointed that this incident has deprived the community of two extremely hard working and dedicated ministers. Both men worked tirelessly during the months of the pandemic response to keep Bermudians safe and to support our economic recovery.  Their energy and zeal demonstrated a genuine care and concern for the people of Bermuda. I will remain forever grateful for their contributions.
“In the coming days I will set out the assignment of responsibilities following this unexpected change. Make no mistake, our commitment is unchanged and each day continues to be devoted to doing the best that we can to create opportunities for Bermudians.”