Mischa Fubler

Constituency #8 - Smith's South

As a husband, father, and advocate for socio-economic justice, Mischa Fubler brings a diverse and complementary collection of educational and professional experiences and skill sets to Bermuda’s political discourse. Mischa is driven by a desire to increase equity amongst the wider population while driving digital transformation within the government and its services.


Born and raised in Bermuda, Mischa is an example of a highly successful graduate of the public education system and is an advocate for its continuous improvement. 


Beginning his educational journey at Francis Patton, he subsequently attended Somerset Primary, Sandys Secondary Middle School, and the CedarBridge Academy, before continuing his education abroad at York University In Toronto, Canada where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies. Mischa also holds a Master’s of Science degree in Information Systems from Brooklyn College in New York, USA.


Returning home in 2017, Mischa first worked at the Ascendant Group Ltd. to develop enterprise system integration solutions before moving to a Bermuda-based international reinsurance company to lead a team of software developers as the Assistant Vice President of Applications and Management Information.


Mischa regularly volunteers for local youth outreach opportunities, sharing his IT journey and career advice with middle and high school students. Having close to 10 years of computer science education and training experience, Mischa is acutely aware of the value of IT education and the need to grow the ratio of women in the (STEM) industries. 


Mischa also brings grass-roots community organizing experience to the team and has been a core member of Social Justice Bermuda since its inception. His contributions include leading the Cannabis Legalization team and contributing to SJB’s Education reform team.  He also serves on Chewstick’s Board of Elders (Directors).


Within the PLP, he has served in various roles, currently as a member of  the Research & Platform Committee and also as the Chief Technology Officer.  


Mischa hails from the multigenerational Darrell & Fubler families of Flatts Village and Smith's, Bermuda. He is married to wife, Gia, and together they have two children.