The OBA does not include any immigration policy in it’s platform document released last week. Immigration is a divisive issue with Bermudians, yet, the OBA does not feel it necessary to include an immigration plank in their platform? Why not? What are they hiding?

We know what the OBA tried to do over the last five years. They were determined to pass Pathways to Status, which, if passed, would have resulted in thousands of new Bermudians without any consultation. It would have fundamentally altered what it means to be a Bermudian. It would have threatened the ability of Bermudians to get jobs and own land here in our own country.

The OBA should immediately tell us if they are re-elected, will they re-introduce Michael Fahy’s Pathways to Status? The PLP opposes Michael Fahy’s Pathways to Status plan and calls for comprehensive bi-partisan reform. What are the OBA’s real plans for immigration? Will they train Bermudians to take advantage of job opportunities, or, will they just make it easier for thousands of new Bermuda status holders to get jobs?

The fact that the OBA’s platform does not include an immigration plank is alarming. It is incumbent upon all Bermudians to ask the OBA candidates on their doorsteps and in the community what the OBA’s real plans for immigration are. Our concern is that if re-elected, the OBA will simply push through Michael Fahy’s Pathways to Status.