Modernising Transportation

The PLP has made progress in improving transportation and road safety in Bermuda. We inherited an underfunded bus service and invested in 12 new buses to begin to rebuild our bus service. While previous governments paid lip service to roadside sobriety checks, this Government implemented testing which has reduced serious injuries and road fatalities.

To improve upon the delivery of public and private transportation in Bermuda while keeping our roads safe, a PLP Government will:

  • Conduct a wholesale review of public service vehicle laws, with the goal of deregulating public service vehicles services to provide more opportunities for business owners, local residents and our visitors. 
  • Install Wi-Fi on public buses and ferries to facilitate access to real-time information for the trip, while completing the implementation of a cashless payment system. 
  • Install video cameras on buses and ferries for the safety of bus drivers and passengers. 
  • Implement the paratransit plan for major bus routes.
  • Continue Operation Caution with roadside sobriety checks, while introducing road safety into the education curriculum.