New Trading Partners

The next PLP government will diversify our trading partners and our trade links. That means expanding from our traditional markets of North America and Europe. The PLP did a tremendous job of laying the foundation for this expansion. This foundation consists of the vast network of Tax Information Exchange Agreements, relationships that have been nurtured in the Gulf Cooperation Council region, and forays into India and China. It is vital that we continue to enhance these relationships. Similarly, we must develop closer relations with our Caribbean neighbours and strengthen our links with China and emerging economies in Africa and Latin America. There are a number of Bermudian entrepreneurs who have expanded their businesses into the Caribbean. Increased trade will be beneficial as these markets can be new consumers of Bermuda’s services and they can be places for more of our local businesses to expand to other countries, thus enhancing the wealth of local entrepreneurs and investors. Finally a vision for the future must also look to establish new trade links. Whether it be capitalising on new Caribbean links to the pacific or new sea links to Africa, diversified trade links can lead to a wider variety of goods for our local merchants which can result in the reduction of the cost of goods in our stores.