Nomination Day

PLP Nominates a Team of Talented Bermudians Committed to Bermuda

Today, the PLP nominated a talented team of Bermudians committed to building a better Bermuda that works for all of us.

Our Team includes Professionals from a variety of different fields, Community Leaders, Clergy, Entrepreneurs, and people representing many more segments of Bermudian life.

Our Team understands and lives the struggles that everyday Bermudians face, and we acknowledge the growing divide between the two Bermudas – one side that has it all, and the other that has people struggling to get by.

Our Team comes from across the island. We are men and women, black and white, tall and short, working class and professional, a bit young and a bit ‘vintage’; but we are united by the pressing need to do the People’s work.

Today’s nominated candidates include:


Renee Ming, Constituency #1 - St. George's North

Kim Swan, Constituency #2 - St. George's West

Lovitta Foggo, Constituency #3 - St. Davids

Tinee Furbert, Constituency #4 - St. George's South

Derrick Burgess, Constituency #5 - Hamilton East 

Wayne Furbert, Constituency #6 - Hamilton West

Anthony Richardson, Constituency #7 - Hamilton South

Rose Ann Careen Tucker, Constituency #8 - Smiths South

Vance Campbell, Constituency #9 - Smiths West

Ernest Peets, Constituency #10 - Smiths North

Chris Famous, Constituency #11 - Devonshire East

George Scott, Constituency #12 - Devonshire South Central

Diallo Rabain, Constituency #13 - Devonshire North Central

Wayne Caines, Constituency #14 - Devonshire North West

Watler Roban, Constituency #15 - Pembroke East

Michael Weeks, Constituency #16 - Pembroke East Central 

Walton Brown, Constituency #17 - Pembroke Central

David Burt, Constituency #18 - Pembroke West Central

Jason Hayward, Constituency #19 - Pembroke West

Graham Maule, Constituency #20 - Pembroke South West

Rolfe Commissiong, Constituency #21 - Pembroke South East

Curtis Richardson, Constituency #22 - Paget East

Emily Gail Dill, Constituency #23 - Paget West

Lawrence Scott, Constituency #24 - Warwick South East

Kathy Simmons, Constituency #25 - Warwick North East

Neville Tyrrell, Constituency #26 - Warwick South Central

Col. David Burch, Constituency #27 - Warwick North Central

Dennis Lister III, Constituency #28 - Warwick West 

Zane Desilva, Constituency #29 - Southampton East

Quinton Butterfield, Constituency #30 - Southampton East Central

Crystal Caesar, Constituency #31 - Southampton West Central

Scott Simmons, Constituency #32 - Southampton West

Jamahl Simmons, Constituency #33 - Sandys South

Kim Wilson, Constituency #34 - Sandys South Central 

Dennis Lister, Constituency #35 - Sandys North Central

Michael Scott, Constituency #36 - Sandys North