OBA Candidate Selection Reveals Hypocrisy on “Friends and Family”

The announcement of former Senator Vic Ball as the OBA replacement for Trevor Moniz exposes the hypocrisy and cynicism around the vicious campaign that party has waged against the PLP over the past 20 years. It is clear that the OBA has no plan and lack vision.

During the OBA’s Commission of Inquiry, allegations surrounding Senator Ball’s involvement in a contract awarded to his father would have been condemned if something even remotely like this occurred involving a member of the PLP.

Under the OBA’s standards, this fits the bill of “friends and family.”

Under everyone else’s standards, it fits the bill of lacking transparency and openness.

And to make matters worse? Senator Ball said he would do it again.

After Trevor Moniz’s claims of fighting against corruption and friends and family, it is surprising that the OBA would select a candidate tainted with these allegations; especially after he claimed that he wouldn’t do anything differently.

The question for people who supported former MP Moniz and supported his fight against “friends and family,” is simply this; If the PLP presented a candidate tainted with these allegations and who claimed publicly that they would do it again, would you vote for them?

The residents of C9 deserve a new start. After years of being ignored by their MP and the OBA administration, it is time they have one who will meet them on their doorsteps and lobby on their behalf. 

The Progressive Labour Party has a long history of putting Bermudians first. We are a party that has a record of strong leadership and who are capable of leading Bermuda through difficult times.  The Progressive Labour Party will be announcing our candidate for Smith's West in due course, and when we do, it will be someone who will commit themselves to their constituency, and who will ensure their needs are communicated to the government and actions taken on their concerns.