OBA Clean Campaign Promise Broken Already

It is regrettable that the One Bermuda Alliance kicked off their election campaign first with an underground campaign attacking PLP MPs, followed up with the OBA's Deputy Leader and Finance Minister, Bob Richards, caught on a live microphone asking a member of the media to deliver a "one, two punch" to his political opponents, the Progressive Labour Party, who he referred to as "SOBs”.

The OBA's approach to this election began wrong and Bermuda deserves better.

The OBA has repeatedly demonstrated tolerance for that which most Bermudians find intolerable. First, it was the pepper spraying of innocent people last December. The OBA failed to stand up for
our seniors and have stood silent on the investigation into the unprovoked attack on peaceful demonstrators.

Then, it was Rick Olson who posted an offensive cartoon on social media calling for peaceful protesters to be drawn and quartered. Mr. Olson holds a sizable government concession and the OBA refuses to hold him accountable for his actions. And, now, it's Bob Richards making inappropriate and offensive comments within minutes of Premier Dunkley calling for a clean campaign. He has not been asked to apologise. He has not been dismissed. He has not been held accountable.

When we say there are two Bermudas, we speak of the divide between the rich and powerful who are getting even richer and more powerful under the OBA - and the rest of Bermuda who are struggling to get by. But, there are also two Bermudas when it comes to justice and accountability. Bob Richards is not held to account for inappropriate behavior unbecoming of a representative of the people. When it comes to accountability, there are clearly two Bermudas. When it comes to a clean campaign – the OBA has fired the first salvo against it.

It's time for a government that puts Bermudians first.