OBA Offers Attack Instead of Ideas

OBA Offers Attacks Instead of Ideas

The OBA’s reply to the Throne Speech was little more than a series of hollow attacks that trivialized the serious economic and social situation our island is facing. This pandemic has wreaked havoc on Bermudians economically and socially. Many of our people have lost jobs, income and opportunities. Schools have been opened and closed and opened again, creating stress on our students and families. Tourism crashed and that sector continues to struggle.
Now, there is inflation in the United States making our already high cost of living even worse.

These are serious problems and instead of offering real ideas or solutions , the OBA’s Reply to the Throne Speech was full of the same old tired and angry political attacks we’ve been hearing for years from those politicians.

The fact of the matter is that the OBA is not in a position to lecture. They can’t talk about fiscal responsibility because they are the ones that doubled Bermuda's national debt. They can’t talk about sustainable development because they got us into the bad Morgan’s Point deal that cost
Bermuda $200 million. They had no plan for a clean, diversified, renewable energy Independent future. Last but not least, the really bad airport deal that has cost us an additional $41 million in
revenue guarantees to date. They can’t talk about good governance because they’re the ones who brought us JetGate.

At the end of the day, tough decisions must be made and are being made to move our island forward and to continue to see us through the recovery.


Deputy Leader, Walter Roban
Constituency 15 - Pembroke East