OBA’s Platform Attacks PLP 22 Times

The OBA platform, which is exactly half the length of the PLP’s, mentioned “David Burt” or the “PLP” 22 times in just 20 pages. That’s more than one mention per page. In contrast, the PLP’s 40-page manifesto mentioned the “OBA” just two times.

The OBA’s platform, like their campaign, is missing ideas for economic recovery. Instead, it just offers attacks against our Party Leader David Burt and the PLP Government along with vague statements about reforming healthcare and creating jobs.

After reading their platform cover to cover, it is clear that the One Bermuda Alliance does not have a plan to address the economic recovery. They do not have any new ideas - they have even included pledges that were already implemented by the PLP Government. So, since they don’t offer anything new - then, Bermudians can only assume that they will implement policies similar to their last tenure in government which included:

● Raising FutureCare premiums by 30% on our Seniors
● Attempting to limit access to mammograms
● No Bid Privatisation of our Airport - and sticking taxpayers with the guarantee bill
● Cutting education budgets while spending money on expensive events
● Failed projects like Morgan’s point which has cost taxpayers almost $200 million

Make no mistake, Bermuda - this election is a choice about who will see us through the economic recovery and a potential second wave of the Coronavirus. And, it’s clear that the OBA has no plan. On Thursday, we must ask ourselves, do we really want Craig Cannonier and the OBA seeing us through the economic recovery?