OBA Should Condemn and Stop Funding Gutter Politics

OBA Should Condemn and Stop Funding Gutter Politics
By: Liana Hall

In 2007, Premier Michael Dunkley committed the party he then led - the United Bermuda Party - to a clean campaign. He decried gutter politics and said they had no place in Bermuda. Today, Bermudians woke up to our country littered with signs personally attacking PLP leaders.

Over the past 5 years, the OBA has worsened the divide in Bermuda. Today, more than ever, there are two Bermudas - one for the wealthy and connected and another Bermuda for the rest of us. These personal attacks only serve to divide our community even further.

In the last general election, the OBA denied receiving campaign funding from developer Nathan Landow. Through the Jetgate scandal, the OBA was forced to admit they did in fact receive $350,000 from Mr. Landow, funds they claimed were used to pay campaign workers for “constituency drops, signage and the team on the ground.” It seems the OBA are up to the same dirty tricks as last time.

We will not be intimidated by the OBA’s desperate campaigning. Bermudians needs positive solutions - like Vision 2025 - that will bring our community together and build a better Bermuda for Bermudians. It is sad that the OBA has chosen to launch their campaign with negative litter on our streets, but the PLP will continue to take our positive message for a better future for Bermudians to the doorsteps across our island.