On the Gomez Complaint

The Bermuda Progressive Labour Party condemns any threats, acts of violence or antisocial activities directed against any Bermudian. The alleged incident occurred on private property after repeated requests were made to Mrs. Gomez to leave the property. No assault took place, no threats were made and Mrs. Gomez was handed back her campaign flyers. Several adult witnesses present can attest to this. 

Our canvassing teams in Warwick North Central, Constituency 27, have been over-whelmed by the jovial and supportive manner in which they have been received. With the OBA’s history of leveling false charges against PLP representatives, we will await the findings of an investigation, if one even occurs, before commenting further.

When the OBA cannot defend their record and are struggling to find election candidates, they attempt to change the narrative. They have utilized social media to mount vicious attacks against us. Now, they file charges to distract from the issues. We call upon the OBA to repudiate those responsible for the Facebook page, Island Research & Development. This page posted a serious allegation that OBA Candidate Sheila Gomez had been assaulted and seemed to go hand in hand with the OBA’s press release today. This is nothing more than a cynical attempt to push outrageous and false criminal allegations into the public domain.

This election is far too important for distractions. We will not allow false allegations divert our attention from representing the people of Bermuda and Putting Bermudians First.