Op ed: Ideas, Not Personalities

Op ed: Ideas, Not Personalities 

I read the recent comments from former Premier Cannonier with great interest. 

I had hoped that he would be bringing forward a vision from the OBA on Tourism or any other issue critical to the elevation of the condition of our people. It would have been refreshing to hear their perspective and that we would be able to have a debate on the issues rather than a debate about personalities. 

Alas, this was not to be. 

Instead, we see a weak, rambling attack on a subject that was laid to rest weeks ago. 

Is this the best that the OBA and a former Premier of Bermuda have to offer? I will not waste either my time or yours but rather devote my time to solutions and urge the opposition to do likewise. Instead, I am going to focus on what is vital to Bermudians; creating jobs and opportunities for Bermudians. 

We have fought to gain more and fairer access to capital for Bermudian entrepreneurs as a government. Our sincere hope is the OBA will join us in encouraging the business community to enact lending practices that promote equity. 

As the world learns to operate and live with the coronavirus, the OBA opposition can indeed live up to their constitutional and moral obligations to produce constructive views for consideration. 

The time has come for there to be a real debate on the direction of this country—a debate on ideas and the best path forward for all of us. The reality is, the Fairmont Southampton deal creates jobs and greater opportunities for Bermudians. We look forward to support in the Senate to assist our economy to move forward and encourage the OBA to bring forward their ideas and join us in debating ideas and not personalities. 


MP Kim Swan 

Constituency 2 - St. George's West