Op-ed: Steady Progress Through Difficult Times

Op-ed: Steady Progress Through Difficult Times

Five years ago, the people of Bermuda used the power of the vote to change governments and change the direction of our country. 

Five years ago, the people chose to put an end to one of the most divisive periods of recent memory. From policies that saw the fall of Bermudian jobs and the rise of jobs held by non-Bermudians to attempts to give the children of expatriates the right to compete for jobs and opportunities against our children, the people made a clear change. 

The last five years haven't been easy, and we haven't gotten everything right. Yet we have remained a government that listens, a collaborative government, and a government that is still humbled by the tremendous responsibility you entrusted to us. 

The Progressive Labour Party entered power again in 2017 determined not to be merely caretakers of the status quo and determined not to make the mistakes of our opponents, who stopped listening, forgot who they worked for, and became arrogant. That's why we’ve remained focused on our seniors by ensuring that they remain front and centre by providing them with increases to their pensions while, for years, our opponents told them, “Money doesn't grow on trees." 

We launched a National Youth Policy to address the structural, social, and economic conditions hindering the social mobility of our youth. Our government also launched a Youth Employment Strategy to facilitate greater opportunities for young Bermudians between 18-26 and is reforming our school system to better equip our children to succeed in 21st Century Bermuda and the world . 

Our time has not been without its challenges. Alongside a once-in-a-century global pandemic, we've had to clean up the OBA’s multi-million-dollar messes at the airport and Morgan's Point. All while continuing to balance debt and fund our ambitious social investment agenda. 

In the months ahead, we will continue to fight for working Bermudians. Whether through tax cuts for Bermuda's lowest-paid workers, funding for school supplies for families in need, and initiatives to help reduce electricity bills. We have not forgotten who elected us and the work needed to build a better, fairer Bermuda. 

We are grateful and humbled and will continue to listen to you on the doorstep and in the community. We appreciate your ideas, suggestions, feedback, and yes, even your constructive criticism. We haven't forgotten the changes you demanded, and the mission entrusted to us. 

Thank you! We look forward to your continued support as we continue to fight for you! - 


Hon. E. David Burt, Premier & Party Leader 

Constituency 18 - Pembroke West Central