PLP & BIU Joint Statement

PLP & BIU Joint Statement 

In January, the BIU submitted a letter to the PLP Chair and copied it to the PLP Central Committee requesting a meeting to discuss our relationship. 

In February members of the Bermuda Progress Labour Party Executive Committee and Bermuda Industrial Union Executive met to discuss how conditions can be improved for Bermuda’s workers, as well as mutual concerns shared by the PLP and BIU over differing opinions regarding legislation. The meeting was successful in helping to re-establish the collaborative and productive relationship between the two historic organisations. 

At the conclusion of the meeting, the executive members of both the PLP and BIU committed to continuing to work together on behalf of Bermuda’s workers and to continue to support and help to advance Bermuda’s Economic Recovery Plan to ensure a brighter future for the people of our country. 

Chairwoman of the PLP Dawn Simmons said: “I am grateful for the productive meeting that the Progressive Labour Party and Bermuda Industrial Union held to work past a difficult period in what has been for many years an amicable relationship between our two labour organisations. 

Both the PLP and BIU have a proud history of working to progress the rights of Bermudian workers, and we have had great success working side by side. Though we do not expect to agree on every point, I am proud that when there are disagreements they do not deter our focus and our commitment to the workers of this country. 

We reaffirmed that collective commitment and our willingness to continue to work collaboratively to see through Bermuda’s Economic Recovery Plan. I thank the President of the BIU Chris Furbert, and the executive members we met with today for their time and the work that they do for our country.” 

President of the BIU Chris Furbert said: “I am glad that following the BIU’s request for a meeting the PLP Chair and Members of the Executive accepted, so that our two organisations could discuss a way forward and how we can continue to support Bermuda’s workers. 

I thank the PLP leadership for their time, for the productive meeting and I look forward to the BIU and PLP continuing to work together to improve the conditions for the workers of this country.”