PLP Call For Debate

Last week, OBA Chairwoman Lynne Woolridge said that she would, "reach out to the Opposition to discuss the possibilities of arranging debates between the parties." To date, we have not received communication from Ms. Woolridge, though, this should come as no surprise as the OBA has broken a number of promises to Bermudians including promises to create 2,000 jobs, reduce the debt and properly invest in our public schools.

That being said, the PLP reiterates our support for holding a leader's debate. We invite members of the media and civil society to come forward with debate proposals. We will evaluate them in short order. We hope to schedule at least one debate before the general election.

The contrast between the PLP and the OBA is clear. Over the last four years, the OBA has lost 2,000 jobs, cut public education and scholarships by tens of millions and sat silent as the cost of living skyrocketed. They tried to pass Michael Fahy's Pathways to Status which would have fundamentally altered what it means to be a Bermudian and they presided over mould and vermin infesting multiple schools. We look forward to highlighting the PLP's positive vision for the future and our plans to build a government that puts Bermudians First. We look forward to discussing our plans to reform public education and fix our school facilities, provide teachers with the resources they need, decrease the cost of living and create good paying jobs that Bermudians have access to by diversifying our economy.

Bermuda can do better that we are doing under the OBA, and we stand ready to debate Premier Dunkley and call on the OBA and civil society to work with us to give the voters a debate on the issues.