PLP Chair Comments on unfounded allegations made by Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier

By Dawn Simmons, PLP Chair

The Progressive Labour Party is full of strong black women who are proud and respected voices within our organisation. We sit at the Cabinet table, the Caucus table and are present around the leadership tables up and down the PLP including recently electing our first woman PLP Chair.  We advocate for a number of issues of concern to the community by bringing our perspective and we feel the institution respects our voices.

The Women's Caucus of the Progressive Labour Party is appalled by the unfounded allegations made by Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier on last evening's news. To say that the PLP has "demonized black women" is intentionally divisive, hurtful, and downright inaccurate. He is unnecessarily playing the gender and race card.

As someone who is not a black woman nor a member of the PLP, Mr. Cannonier, has no standing to comment. We suggest that he take a seat and listen to black women instead of pretending to speak for us. We are proud united women of the PLP.

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