PLP Launches First Election Ad: The Challenge of a Lifetime

Yesterday, the Progressive Labour Party launched its first election video squarely focused on the central issue of this campaign: leadership and who is best suited to guide Bermuda through the economic recovery. 

The video begins by highlighting the Premier’s role ably showing us through the health crisis. It speaks to how we came together as a community, and broke down our divisions to control the crisis and usher in the new normal. 

“This election is about leadership. During the challenge of a lifetime, Premier David Burt and our PLP team rose to the occasion,” said Deputy Leader Walter Roban. “Now, we need capable and steady leadership to see us through the economic recovery.”

“We can’t afford to spend the next year in divisive by-election followed by divisive by-election from the series of retirements that the Opposition have planned. Instead, we need to save taxpayers money, get on with it, finish this general election and allow whatever government is elected to make the tough choices we need to see our economy through,” continued Deputy Leader Roban.

“On October 1st, Bermudians have a choice between two leaders - Craig Cannonier and David Burt. We humbly ask Bermudians to decide which leader they think is best suited to see us through these tough times,” concluded Roban.


Watch the ad here: